About Us

Salt Light & Silver is a small business located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  Our Jorcen™ jewelry collection of handmade necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are modern designs as well as a variety of classical pieces, each clearly showing distinctiveness and creativity. You will find that all of our jewelry is lightweight, remarkably soft and exceptionally comfortable to wear.   Zinc, one of the key elements in our jewelry, has a considerable added health benefit over other jewelry lines that are often filled with commonly known lower quality metals such as lead and nickel, which are allergenic and could be harmful to your health.   We proudly stand behind the quality of each product

Another distinct feature of our jewelry is the finishing of each one of our silver pieces.  We  polish the jewelry to give it a matte finish instead of the common look of a shiny silver finish. Each piece stands out because of the metals own particular characteristics that give a smooth and soft appearance with a subtle silver finish.

There is much to appreciate when you own and enjoy one of our rare jewelry pieces.  We are incredibly grateful for your business and will always strive to treat every one of our customers professionally with respect, dignity, and appreciation, as our family and business continue on this journey called life… for years to come.



Salt Light & Silver

To reach us, please email info@saltlightandsilver.com

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